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Thursday , 17 August 2017
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Every day is a school day- what new things will you learn today?

Everyday is a school day - there are always new things to learn. I might have left school a long time ago (well not as long ago as many - as I taught for 30 years!) Now, I continue to run my own businesses and find in this fast changing world , there are always new things to learn. I love to learn and share my knowledge with my network whether that be my community (in Ryde and the Isle of Wight)  or my network which stretches across the globe or the network group I run here on the Isle …

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Kind words are coupon free

Kind words are coupon free This may seem a very old-fashioned title but it is a phrase, my dearly departed father, often used to use. Clearly,  it stems from dear Daddy growing up during the war years when things were rationed. Many things were only available on rations, but clearly kind words were not and  therefore they could be used very freely without worrying as to whether there would be a cost. In this day and age when life has become so busy and people have so little time for each other it is even more relevant both in pleasure and in business. …

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Don’t be a secret squirrel

Don't be a secret squirrel.  Through my networking, in several different groups, including my own group,, I interact with many different small businesses. It never ceases to amaze me how many business owners hide their light under a bushel. My advice to all you business owners out there is,  don't be a secret squirrel. You have put so much effort into setting up and launching your business. Why then stop at that point? There are so many wonderful ways to promote your business but it does take determination to succeed . You need to be persistent and consistent. That is …

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