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Saturday , 23 September 2017
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Don’t be a secret squirrel

Don't be a secret squirrel. 

Through my networking, in several different groups, including my own group,, I interact with many different small businesses. It never ceases to amaze me how many business owners hide their light under a bushel. My advice to all you business owners out there is,  don't be a secret squirrel. You have put so much effort into setting up and launching your business. Why then stop at that point? There are so many wonderful ways to promote your business but it does take determination to succeed . You need to be persistent and consistent. That is the name of the game. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it is very satisfying. I have been self employed and running my own businesses for most of my life and now I'm at the age where I should be retiring . However, I have no desire to retire anytime soon. I have a thirty year teaching background behind me and have always encouraged my little people to shine. To stand in their own spotlight. To be confident and hold their head high. Don't be a secret squirrel was the constant message. They all had something of which they could be proud.  Now, I encourage bigger people to do the same. Get the message out there. Be proud of what you have do, what you have created or achieved . Tell the world.

  1. Write a blog -
  2. Create a your tube video
  3. Snapchat your story
  4. Share it to twitter
  5. Write an article for linkedin
  6. Go live on facebook
  7. Set up an instagram account

Repurposing your content is a great way to get the message out without having to spend hours and hours.

With modern technology, there is absolutely no reason to hide your light under a bushel. Be bold, be brave, be confident but please don't be a secret squirrel.