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Thursday , 17 August 2017
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Kind words are coupon free

Kind words are coupon free

This may seem a very old-fashioned title but it is a phrase, my dearly departed father, often used to use. Clearly,  it stems from dear Daddy growing up during the war years when things were rationed.

Many things were only available on rations, but clearly kind words were not and  therefore they could be used very freely without worrying as to whether there would be a cost.

In this day and age when life has become so busy and people have so little time for each other it is even more relevant both in pleasure and in business. Taking a little time to be kind, to show you care is well worth the effort. Harsh words achieve little, however a small amount of thought before exercising tongue can pay huge dividends. Being aggressive is rarely, if ever, likely to achieve a great result.

Another similar phrase my father used to use was "little birdies in their nests agree". Again on the same lines it is about being kind and thoughtful to each other. (And in fact is just googled it and found it was more than one line!

Birds in their little nests agree; And 'tis a shameful sight When children of one family Fall out, and chide, and fight. - Isaac Watts.  )


In this very busy world, taking a little time to show you care,  can only be a good thing. I know for sure that if anyone shouts at me and is aggressive, it has the reverse effect. It isn't rocket science to understand that being kind and considerate for fellow workers or human beings will bring a better result.

So often I've heard the phrase "first engage brain before using mouth" and what a different world it would be if everyone adhered to this. It grieves me to see how much aggression is used in the modern day world when a smile and a kind word would bring such a different result.

So please remember as you go about your daily business that little phrase my father used to tell me "kind words are coupon free."