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πŸ“… 6th Nov 2018 : Network Learn Connect (Northamptonshire) #NLCNN EVENT NINE – Get’s back to BASICS, both for marketing and business! Plus the infamous Network Learn Connect #NLC format is FULLY BACK!!! Helping you find the right people ‘in the room’ and beyond!

ItsNomad9 top value is being ‘Outcome Oriented‘ – which means making everything work towards the end goal, and building world class systems to support that along the way! Systems & Processes may not sound fun but they are integral to the smooth running of a good business!

Tristan highlights how you can apply KAIZEN PRINCIPLE in your business & make small changes all the time, by everyone to have a HUGE EFFECT on the #Productivity of your business.

Tips Tristan shares included time saving, money saving & much more besides.

Leave this event empowered to increase the productivity of your business!


🎟 Entry to this months #NLCNN

🍴 FREE Food by Tristan Griffiths

🍷 FREE Wines by – R&M Wines

βœ… FREE Business Matching Service

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Remembering that it is YOU, the attendees that make the event what it is and that we just facilitate the events, we want to connect even more of you & invite you to bring along your friends to our new #NLC HQ at The Yards in Kettering

Partners Message UsΒ TICKETS

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#NLC is an event series, designed to help people NETWORK LEARN & CONNECT with a specific intention. Which will help them to generate more business locally, by meeting up with their online connections in a physical location. We find this is best done in the evenings with food & drink. So why not join us at a local event near you soon ? If there isn’t one locally – why not talk to us about hosting one?

We are bringing together 100s if not 1000s of professionals to network in a relaxed environment with a handful of speakers sharing actionable insights and taking the LinkedIn & Social world OFFLINE in Northamptonshire & now even further afield!!

If you want to Network with some of the brightest minds in the business world, and to get more business & referrals, be sure to BOOK YOUR PLACE, so we can let you know as we announce each new event in Northamptonshire & the surrounding areas.

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VENUE : The Yards Kettering

FOOD BY :Tristan Griffiths


ADDRESS : 10 Market St, Kettering NN16 0AH

PARKING FOR YOUR SAT NAV : NN16 0BZ (Queen’s Street Car Park)

SPEAKER : Tristan Griffiths

TOPIC : BACK TO BASICS #Productivity



Emma & Michaela – The Yards, Kettering

Rose Afonso – R&M Wines 🍷 #TheWineLady

Tristan Griffiths – Business Mentor & Strategist @ ItsNomad9

Rudy Ebanks – Personal Development @ ItsNomad9

Louisa May – Content Wizard @ ItsNomad9

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1800 Arrival, Registration & NETWORK

With FREE Food & Drinks

1900 Introductions & Announcements

1910 A word from our partners [Partnership Opportunities Available For This Event!]

1915 LEARN Q&A

2015 CONNECT : Helping each other find solutions, referrals and extra business.


2200 Home & Time To Implement

During this event please use the location specific #NLCNN

We explain WHY this will help you at each event – so come join the community.

As we have built a system to help people gain more business across various the platforms!!

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Pre-Registration is for ONE person per ticket, to attend this NETWORK LEARN CONNECT event.

Tickets includes entry & food prepared & provided by Tristan Griffiths (Yes he’s a chef too!) & a selection of drinks too!

Bring your best self, an open mind and be ready to NETWORK LEARN CONNECT

REMEMBER : When sharing content from the event please use #NLCNN to help us enjoy your content too after the event! We love seeing your photos, updates and feedback.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Team at All Things Where Ltd

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πŸ€” I’m interested in partnering with #NLC, What do I need to do?

Book a PARTNER TICKET, and the team will send you all the relevant information.

πŸ€” What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is FREE parking after 6pm in the local Council Carparks.

Queens Street Car Park is a 2 minute walk from the venue.

πŸ€” How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

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