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Network Learn Connect #NLCNN : Business Growth Mindset @ engine

22nd Aug 2018

Event Six - As we enter a new chapter for #NLCNN (Northamptonshire), this event is will be presented by Rudy Ebanks, Personal Development Coach & Mentor, helping you to fulfil your full potential & live your best life today!

As Network Learn Connect #NLC has grown and developed, covering a whole range of topics, this event is heavily focussed on your MINDSET & OUTLOOK!

Helping you set yourself up for success
in both your personal and business life

Many business owners get caught up in the day to day running of the business & forget to step back and work on the business and themselves. Personal development is key to the success for any business owner looking to grow and scale their business.

Rudy Ebanks will be speaking alongside Tristan Griffiths helping you to identify any blocks you may have and how to overcome them to approach all areas of your life and business with a growth mindset!

You may have seen Tristan Griffiths video series #ImTristanG - focussing on the learning from his daily life, the lessons learned and how he can share that with you to help improve your personal life, your business life or your relationships.

Or maybe Rudy Ebanks videos about '20 days to change my life'

Never forget we are all on a journey and our outlook plays a massive role in how we perceive the world and what opportunities we therefore see. This talk will help you make the most of every opportunity and help you from holding yourself and your business back for the true potential you deserve.

You have unlimited potential!

It is our job to help you realise recognise and strive towards your true potential, with a new fresh look and growth mindset.

Whatever you do for work, there are always new ways to do things and strategies that will assist you in growing your business, but your mindset one of the most crucial underlying elements to the success of any strategy!

So join us for the last event hosted at engine, as we close this chapter and Network Learn Connect #NLC moves to it's ALL NEW main location at The Yards Kettering from 4th September 2018 - celebrating with a BIG BBQ outdoor #NLC event!!  - With extended hours in September, there will be plenty of time to network & don't worry we have a bad weather contingency plan too! So we look forward to showing you around the new venue & welcoming you to Kettering #NLCNN 


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has attended Network Learn Connect previously at any of our locations, to invite and celebrate the success of so many awesome local businesses who have also been recognised in the #SMENorthants Awards - After all it is the taking part and recognition that is important. Winning is just a nice bonus! And we are excited to announce we are launching in The Yards Kettering as a monthly event for the HQ of the Network Learn Connect #NLC Brand 


Captured at #NLCNN
Captured at #NLCNN

#NLC is an event series, designed to help people NETWORK LEARN & CONNECT with a specific intention. Which will help them to generate more business locally, by meeting up with their online connections in a physical location. We find this is best done in the evenings with food & drink. So why not join us at a local event soon ? If there isn't one locally - why not talk to us about hosting one?

We are bringing together 100s if not 1000s of professionals to network in a relaxed environment with a handful of speakers sharing actionable insights and taking the LinkedIn & Social world OFFLINE in Northamptonshire & now even further afield!! 

If you want to Network with some of the brightest minds in the business world, and to get more business & referrals, be sure to BOOK ON HERE, so we can let you know as we announce each new event in Northamptonshire & the surrounding areas.

Captured at #NLCNN
Captured at #NLCNN

VENUE : cowork engine •
FOOD BY :Tristan Griffiths •
ADDRESS :  34-36 Abington Avenue Northampton, NN1 4NY
#NLC EVENT VIDEO : Watch it on Facebook
SPEAKER : Tristan Griffiths
TOPIC : Developing A Personal & Business Growth Mindset

Captured at #NLCNN
Captured at #NLCNN


1800 Arrival, Registration & NETWORK 
With Food & Drinks - Included! 
1835 Introductions & Announcements
1845 A word from our sponsor [ AVAILABLE FOR SPONSORSHIP ] 
1855 LEARN + Q&A 
1940 CONNECT : Helping each other find solutions, referrals and extra business. 
2030 Finish

During this event please use the location specific #NLCNN 
We explain WHY this will help you at each event - so come join the community.
As we have built a system to help people gain more business across various the platforms!!


Pre-Registration is for ONE person per ticket, to attend this NETWORK LEARN CONNECT event.

Tickets includes entry & food prepared & provided by Tristan Griffiths (Yes he's a chef too!) & a selection of drinks too!

Bring your best self, an open mind and be ready to NETWORK LEARN CONNECT

REMEMBER : When sharing content from the event please use#NLCNN to help us enjoy your content too after the event! We love seeing your photos, updates and feedback.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Team at All Things Where Ltd

Why not meet your LinkedInLocal & other social connections today!!


I'm interested in Sponsoring, What do I need to do?

Book a SPONSORSHIP ticket, and the team will send you all the relevant information. 

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is limited parking at the cowork engine. however street parking is available locally with 4 hours FREE parking. And unlimited on the street outside, and locally from 6pm.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

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